a roman holiday

why is it that everytime i step my feet on large roman rocks, one foot at a time to walk, one foot ahead of another, feeling the space between each step, each rock, each movement forward, i fall so deep into my body and luv for this city that speaks in the tru language of luv, the language without words, the language without cliches, the language without need of explanation, there is no time to turn back, each moment falling in the right place, like each unique snowflake falling exactly where it needs be, A O    say roman.  o dio! and now i turn up the hill to be gently lifted into the air where all of this energy speaks in its own divine multilingual tongue of fire: it is DESIRE in Rome! energy that need not be mutilated or disturbed it is present.  yes elizabeth gilbert got it when she spent her few months here:  it is SEX ENERGY.   but what is sex energy?  does it have to do with sex?

in my experience, it is the exact opposite.  when sex energy is present, the last thing u need to do is sex, u use this energy to do everything and anything else because it is already present and is the same energy that creates everything on the planet.  it is energy inside and outside and within and WITHOUT IT we are castrized and unable to reach our potential get it? reach our potential?  excuse the rude crudity but if my readers are picking up the frequency i am sending on this call , maybe we can all begin to understand a very important part of our nature.

the energy that moves all the ocean waves, the bees towards the flowers, and the moon’s orbital path around the sun is so god i am sexual it is spiritual and here i come alive to spread this very important healthy message.  what is the root of our being is clean, potent, innocent, sexual, and spiritual and has no pornographic connotations whatsoever.  it is the man who removed the  sex from the spirit that created the porn shops and the church without luv.

rome is home to the opposites. there is the church that stands omnipotent and there is the people who stand omnipotent and there inside the seed of rome is the understanding that the church is no other representation than the very power inside each woman and man and so they stand side by side one with lots of money and the other making her way without confusion.

rome:  a deep memory of god’s children. let it roar we know u are known;

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