i am big on berklee!

the audition went AMAZING! from the get go to the finish.  not only was i hosted by one of the kindest, most generous host ( and my feldenkrais colleague) but also his so friendly, sweet roomates made everything go so smoothly.  they are studying medicine and seriously took good care of me making sure i felt welcomed.  so the day of my audtion which is in this beautiful studio but far from the centre yes thanks italy, there is a bus and train strike ! no worries says gio ( he is from napoli and is the master of giving people a clear sense of “its taken care of”.  napolitans, if ur in their good books, treat u like gold, but just be careful not to get on their bad side!) ” ILL TAKE CARE OF IT” and so he did.  his wonderful roomate aldo drove me in massive traffic where we were stopped for a good half hour to be literally sped through and zipped around the large impending roman walls of villa borghese to arrive not only on time but early! (i am a cyclist i do not like being in cars yet this experience was part of the excitement i have to admit …)

berklee presents me with just what i expected.  professional high care and conciousness all under the umbrella of music! the man who greets everyone when they arrive really lighted my heart when he asked me before going into audition ” how do you feel?”  i respond ”  nervous….u know that fight/flight mechanism that happens…?”

” yes well… i want to see u fly”.

ok this was pivotal for me.  his words must have left some sort of psychological imprint, because when i walked through those doors to shake hands with a beautiful huge bald black man in a black coat and a small blond inquisitive man with glasses and respond to ” what do you want to sing for us”  … I LET MY VOICE FLY! i sang all of the high notes in Elisa’s “Gift” with ease and grace, literally as if my voice had wings and could just go up there without effort.  i was so focused, present, in each part of my body alive. ( did i mention i have decided despite all odds( this is a new passion/desire/dream materialized on the side of the arno river) i am becoming a singer/songwriter/dancer who inspires countless people?

“your gift recieving through this body of mine is ALIVE ALIVE ” sings elisa . so let it sing, let it dance!

the audition was not easy but it made me come ALIVE because i was in a situation where i had to show up.  i was here to sing, not to do something or say something fake, or show my mask or show off about this or that, there was literally no drama in the room, just pure spirit pure passion pure gifts from god and so gratefull i am for this experience.

i finished the audition singing my first song on my FIRST ALBUM! yes an early announcement. i am writing a disc that will inspire countless people around the world.  this is my clear soul intention .  may it be known.


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