to thine own self be tru

said good ol shakespeare. yes and i say

to thine own CONCIOUS self be tru!

be tru to your self by being aware. its this simple.  aware means this:

be in aw of where you are. aw are. always.

look at the world, sit in a park, head to the mountains be in nature and let yourself be in aw with the most simple things.

a blade of grass wet with morning dew glistening with the soft rising sun … ahhhh serenity and simpleness together in one.

this first morning of 2012 i went by myself to the gorgeous villa stilbert park near my house and sat from my favorite view looking

over florence full of gorgeous cypress trees.  the blu sky enveloped my whole body, i sat down on a dry patch and stayed still

let my body sink into the ground, suffer what it needed inorder to become one again with my surroundings.

your life will be transformed by this simple yet most incredible thing one can do in their entire lifetime.

feel your beingness. bring that light to whereever you are. do not judge. just be in aw.

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