a shift in perspective: (without political correctness)

allow ourselves to be shifted by other cultures.  what one culture adores, another may totally despise.  we often see how beauty has been transformed thru the ages, alongside what is beautiful in one culture may be deemed ugly in another.  so should we hold so tightly to our perspective?

a big large woman in many tribal cultures is the epitomy of large mother earth full uv abundance and life. the larger the woman the better.  in other cultures a thin woman, or an athletic woman or a voluptous woman is the ideal… etc.  white skin, now tanned skin, now painted skin… beauty is always shifting… so should we accept our cultural norms as the only truth?

rather might we realize that each and everyone uv us is original, no one the same as the other and this originality, this oneness,  this truth and fact that every person is a unique creation of god is indeed the beauty of our rich, abundant universe and god bless all our gorgeous bodies, faces, hands, eyes narrow, big, legs skinny and fat, feet wide or short, hair straight or curly, butt and breasts big or small… so much variety in beauty…. will we let the fads tell us what is to be deemed beautiful or ugly?

i am learning to find beauty in everyone i meet and this is blessing my life.  luv is pouring through each face i meet and i am accepting that anything less is a lie.

so in spirit of the richness around the planet, i leave my readers with a blog that featured my blog on casu marzu.   what a funny coincidence?  well there are no coincidences and life will always present you with what you need to evolve…. maybe even within this blog is a truth that needs evolution? why are we so attracted to the “other”  to the “orient”?  is there an element within us that needs to create an exotic otherness in nature because we cannot face our own peculiarities? and so we go to the east, to africa?  is this a level of exploitation?

either way every event has its function and if we must exotiscize inorder to become familiar and therefore to accept, so be it.

to evolution, global peace and accepting our differences, here is a blog on the strange delicacies from around the world http://www.bestonlinecolleges.com/blog/2012/10-strangest-delicacies-from-around-the-world/

i know that after i watched and performed in south african musical “umoja”  my sense of what was a beautiful woman completely shifted.  i watched large woman on stage shake everything they had with grace, power and beauty and my little mind that was used to just seeing britney spears like dancers got me so excited to once again be in contact with the real true beauty of diversity in women from all over the world!  LETS BEGIN TO VALUE OUR DIFFERENCES and adore ourselves for who we are!

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