keep giving your luving peace of the pie~a day of gratitude

hey everybody!  my laptop went away for a bit… interesting timing i was ready to go for my retreat to assisi to start writing the structure of the luv blog turned into an ebook and then published around the globe and my windows crashed!  i luv this soley because it made me hyper attentative towards my now ever growing gratitude for all i have especially the luxury of a functioning window to the world… ie. the internet where really EVERYTHING  can be shared, including money and food ( have u seen the new websites popping up where people are asking for money for whatever cause/purpose they need help for?) yes i have two friends from vancouver, living in berlin, who have financed both tickets to south korea via a website where  2, 500 was raised to get both their art-giving behinds to where they are now artists in residence working and sharing their talents, energy and gifts with the south-korean people!  this gets me so excited!  i luv sharing creativity and luv with different cultures and i am still luving every moment, really cherishing all the rich abundant exchanges here in italy!

so  today in total full hearted gratitude i bought some small gifts that came from my big heart.  two special gals recieved a mug from me with this sexy woman on top of the world ( new york looking city or rather vancouver looking city there is a big mountain behind big sky scrapers ahahahhha!) blowing bubbles that are in the shape of hearts.  i really was inspired by this almost banal looking mug because it made me think of this sweet- super woman flying on top of the world, giving the world her big shining sexy luv without knowing it… u know that kind of sweet innocence that shines from super amazing women that are oblivious to how incredibley divine they are and so are floating aroun the sky like rays of light but not yet reaching the planet to take part in the physical realm (am i one of them?  welll i am becoming the luv and the action, the mother and father, god and mother of god however long/short it takes keep on keepin on! ) …. and this simple image inspired me to share this with one friend who threw her last mug ( a gift from a crush gone sour) on the floor to get rid of her excess anger…. well i think it is time for her to crush this image of herself that she kinda sucks and starts  enjoying a new image filled with lady-luving inspiration that she is actually so high up in the air, she is that fruit up on the highest tree that needs the strongest, greatest man to actually get there… so patience my friend and enjoy your adventure!

and the second gal is a friend who has just moved to florence and is full of amazing brilliant energy and is super talented and i am so excited for her to find her dream job and make her home here… her first comment on the mug was in italian ” lisa but my tits are not that big~! ” hahahahahah so funny! i responded ” neither are mine and thanks god for that! but its a fun chicky mug! dai “come on” ! ” so CHEERS in a tea or latte mug TO WOMEN I LUV!

what else a new shirt for andrea, gifts for my family ( cant say what it is before it arrives) (another gift that i cant give away yet from france for one of my best friends in vancouver’s new baby), a polka-dot and striped papered notebook to one of andrea’s awsome roomates and really thick comfy tights for me! a day of capitalistic bliss? nope i am just happy to have found some easy gifts that i know are appreciated. simple,

ta dum! little thoughts can be big thoughts can go a long way. away! just a way of saying thanks to amazing people i luv! grazie !

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