a day in silence … kinda

“no words tomorow” says andrea. ” send me a text if u want to speak”  ” YES!   in a country where words pour like liquid gold, like rivers rushing to the ocean, like salmon swimming up to lay eggs, like men flocking to women like women flocking to sales, words in italy at times need a dam to hold what is thumping running kicking to come out.

is this why sia my new muse and inspiration found her voice after living a year in italy?  is this why i have found my voice after being told by numerous doctors of vocal disfunctions that would make it difficult for me to imagine myself as a singer nevermind a singer/songwriter inspiring the world?  ahahahhahah! this makes me laugh allover like bees landing on my skin thinking i was the queen in a nest of honey they had toiled to make for mmmm us funny humans who love to roll over our problems instead of rolling over the facts that we have honey made from bees to be eaten at our disposal. holy cows do we not marvel at what incredible world this is!

ahahahhaah! i am rolling over and laughing because i know it is ubsurd but there is this dark energy given to know our light… and what a strange perfection there is here.  mmmm time for giving thanks even for the shadow. yup up and away. the light is shining.

back to silence.  we pass the day andrea and i writing messages but not saying a word to each other… and find ourselves behind his home up on top of the orticultura overlooking god given florence and we are are just stunned by beauty and two books.  both of us are reading together and understanding new spiritual truths that are speaking to the silence with in us….thanku god for giving us this time and space to know u.  i know u are inside of me and i am with u. i feel u.  i know we are both drops of water from the infinite sea of luv and the time is coming for everyone to know it.  this gives me faith and abundance. lets dance!

”  less words next time ”  says andrea”  we wrote too many messages ” next time no words just silence”  .  a deeper prayer can be born.

a song coming from silence.  her latest single is full uv this kinda silence.  i ask god for this one gift:  to communicate the uncommunicatable and be heard:   http://www.youtube.com/user/elisatoffoli?blend=1&ob=4

TRY IT OUT FOR YOURSELVES!  dedicate a day to being silent. no words. just listen, see what you hear, what shifts and where the silent space leads u…

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