collaboration and creation is NOW!

so i cant exactly tap-dance right now, but my ego has been put on the low-burner and the healing power of the spirit has taken over.  i am full of energy.  walking more efficiently- i look like a sturdy 4 year old , taking each pass with full flexibility, ready to fall, run, respond to her environment. i am also feeling full uv faith and oness.

“how is your knee” ask a friend, ” great! it is amazing!  it takes me everywhere it bends, it moves forward and sideways and  responds to whats happening from above and below!  its just such a perfect support!” i even go shopping which is something in the past few years ive thrown away, i mean i left to italy with one suitcase to lighten the load, in every sense of the word and here i’ve keep recieving articles of clothing from generous people! lol!  my roomate for example just keeps gifting me clothes she no longer wears and i feel this inspiration to rebirth them through my own creative mixing! lol!  well on this special day its different. i find a japanese-kimono dress (luv ethnic everything) its on sale 70 percent off~ hahah! um well no brainer.  we all deserve to wear quality clothese but must the prices empty our bank account?  or does my bank account simply need to be doubled right? or excuse me does it need to be 70 percent higher. tripled, quatripled????? ahahaahahahahaha!

i  believe the value of human work is much higher than the value of objects…. i am willing to pay lots of money for work on my self, my soul, my body, my mind, my education, my health, my creativity…. but a new dress?  mmmmm o.k. here is the difference today:

my body feels amazing (ironically) my spirit is kissing it, healing this fall, giving it luv.  my body feels already good.  the dress i buy just celebrates this.  u see, i am not doing the opposite, (buying something to fill a hole, to make me feel better about something that feels bad) this just does not work…. ladies lets get this through our brains:  nothing u can buy can substitute the joy of being ,  the electric currents that run through u giving u the highest, best feeling that no substitute ( including the luv uv others) can give.  its ALL INSIDE U! i luv u says this energy.  i luv u luv lisa. we are meeting.

i go to see my dance group perform.  they are gorgeous, powerful and gracefull.  i do not care that i am the spectator for now.  my time is coming.  i put together the connections between my contemporary dance teacher and choreographer, incredibly talented Gabriella Secchi and my incredibly talented partner Andrea Cilento’s electronic music whosep excellent musical partner Daniel Bellisimo in their electronic music grou”Mooval” would sound delicious with her choreography.   i honestly tell her ”  i keep telling andrea, i want to see his music with contemporary dance, and i keep telling myself, i want to see dancers moving to original music, such as “Moovals” and eventually with my first solo album.

she responds ” Sai, u know, this is exactly what ive been imagining… i’m not sure about the money”

i respond ” money comes when its time. as much as needed!

money is a blessing that comes through your life when its the right time  ( u decide)…

so GO TOWARDS  your dreams NOW!

collaboration  with the universe and creation is always NOW!

i leave u with sum amazing original music and a profound question:

whose dream, on this very day,  can u support , back up and help launch forward using your luv and positivity?

put this on with good speakers and listen to the melodic precision, sensual power and wide open ambient this music creates!  i imagine it played pumped up real high in a large space with dancers, or as the back drop in an action film or the music following a new electronic car commercial!  GO MOOVAL! I LUV IT!

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