2nd Prompt: ayearwithmyself.com: happiness is home

Why Not Begin Where You Are

by Jen Louden

Why not begin where you are?

Not where you think you should be, mainly because that lofty shiny place does not exist and you cannot, my darling, start from where you aren’t.

Possibility can only be born from the present. From what is owned.

From wholeness.

Sink your toes into here.  Say aloud, “I am here.” Where is here?

Take a few moments to see, feel, taste, hear, and see this present moment. Drink it in.

Now notice the “you” that is here.

You contain multitudes—the parts of you that are polished and loving and accomplished… and the parts that aren’t so much. The crusty, dented, bumbling, shadowy parts of you.

The parts of you that you are oh so ready to be rid of. The parts of you that you are afraid of because they are so shining and powerful.

Say hello to all of you.

They, believe it or not, have gifts you need to create what you most desire in 2012.

JENNIFER LOUDEN is the author of best-selling books including “The Woman’s Comfort Book”, “The Woman’s Retreat Book” and “Comfort Secrets for Busy Women” and the co-founder of Teach Now. She is a personal coach and social commentator, who has taken the essential concepts of comfort and self-care and made them irresistible to women. Jennifer is also a certified coach, a cultural visionary, and a leader who encourages women to find their personal truths and to explore their purposes in life. Her books have been translated into nine languages, and she has been featured in major publications.

Your 2nd Prompt for This Week

Jennifer Louden says:

“What gifts do the parts of me I don’t like have to offer me? What gifts could the parts of me that I’m afraid of have to offer me? How could these aspects of me help me create more of what I desire?

You might try interviewing a particular aspect of yourself—say the part that is never satisfied or the part that keeps wanting to rewrite history—and allow her to answer via your non-dominant hand. Use your regular hand to ask questions and then let whatever comes, come!”

LISA says: this other part of me shows me a way to stand real close to what i can teach.

i will teach this part of myself how unattached i am to “who” i think i am. i will show how much i am willing to let what is really BURSTING with LIFE COME THROUGH:  joy to be Alive WITHOUT boundries.  to LIVE IN LIMITLESS CREATION AND PROSPERITY. to keep me burning with the holy fire that builds what my heart believes is true. to LISTEN to it’s DESIRES.

(i pass the pencil from my dominant right hand to my left hand and ask it this very same question: she answers in large wobbly writing :

“i let myself be whatever i feel like being. its SIMPLE.”



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