a year with myself online journey!!!!

HEY EVERYBODY! exciting and prosperous news. i am now working at a new job at a fresh, fun, young, inspiring and professional academy of communication, language and photography mummu academy! so much fun! and  i was just informed by a very special creation partner and friend about this very special online creative writing/online community! ayearwithmyself.com  it is fantastic. as i have been on a soul journey the past two years, literally by myself going through different territories of the soul psyche and now in the past few months dear enriching guides (online) have popped into my life (thanks sonia miller ) and i am now embedding on an online journey/adventure that will support my writing and creative spirit.

this online year devoted to myself is very much in the spirit of the creative writing workshops i do with firenza guidi in fuecchio at il frantoio oil press/theatre only this is online and with tons of online support and backing!!!!!

LUCKY HEY! PS. to all my female readers, its still good time to join!  would u also like to be part of this adventure?

each week for a year we are given promptu’s, inspiring questions that will help us answer and respond from new and exciting places within our evergrowing consciousncess of these female souls asking to be heard!!!!!! i am listening, i am listening forever!!!!!

as i am on my way to writing a book that will inspire countless people, i know this workshop has been sent to me to help and push me further towards clarifying, seeing, understanding, envisioning the creative work that my soul is delivering from this all-knowing spirit flowing through me.

so as  i am writing on the luv blog, i will simultaneously be posting my writings from this online workshop/community that is so incredibley inspiring I AM SO EXCITED! AWAY WE GO!  in my last 2 years by myself, i will spend the next one in a nest with other little birdies gathering the strenght to fly!  happy golden eggs cracking open to say …………..THANKU a thousand times ! Grazie Mille                                                      ayearwithmyself.com!

finally writing “not just bymyself! ” lol!  this will be fun!

tune in and check out the other participant’s writings!  lots of amazing stuff!

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