Journal Prompt for Week 2: “Your Roots: Reconnecting with Your Core”

The theme of the 2nd week and our 2nd Chapter is: “Your Roots: Reconnecting with Your Core.”

When we talk about our roots or our core, we actually talk about self-discovery. This is one of my favorite subjects because it’s strongly connected to how we grow and flourish personally and professionally. After all, like Anais Nin once said, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

With this in mind, I joined forces with three amazing women when creating this chapter for you. Here I welcome “Goddess” Leonie DawsonSandi Amorim and Sue Mitchell!

I Knew I Was a Goddess

by Leonie Dawson

Once upon a time, I was adrift. A boat without sails, a star outside of orbit.

In my heart, I knew there was a true north. I knew there was a guiding light. I just didn’t know how to make it. Until one day my life changed.

An indigo-haired woman at my work—the one who laughed loudly in elevators and cuddled strangers and used the word “vagina” with such surity and joy as if it was the most normal thing on earth, the woman who shone like she knew the greatest secret in the world… she invited me in. She gave me her secret. It was a women’s circle.

One ordinary night in suburbia, I found what I had been looking for. And when I walked in that room, smelling sweetly of incense, women of all ages gathered cosily on a leopard print couch, smiling serenely, glowing alight, I thought,

“I am home. This is where I want to be for the rest of my life.” Somehow, sitting around a circle with candles aglow, sharing our stories softly into the night, I remembered that this was what I had been missing.

For all the ages, women have gathered together in circles—in wisdom circles, in comfort circles—to be supported and to be alight. And along the way, we’d forgotten to. We’d forgotten we were great and ancient oaks, deeply rooted to the spirit, to truth, to each other, to ourselves.

Sitting in women’s circles, finding the wise, loving Goddess that lived inside me, I learned to stitch my own sails. I discovered my own orbit, around my heart, around my soul. I made a compass with an arrow pointing at my own true north. I knew I’d never be truly lost again.

Even when the winds of Post Natal Depression roared through my life, threatening to flip my boat over. Even when every part of my life seemed to be dismantling, I clung to my compass.

I knew I was heading home. I knew I was a Goddess.

GODDESS LEONIE DAWSON is a writer, blogger, retreat leader, globe-trotter, visual artist, mama, and vessel of wild creativity and cosmic prosperity for the 20,000 Goddesses who orbit around her virtual altar each month. Leonie’s strategic musings and practical wisdom have been featured on Problogger, Tiny Buddha, spirituality magazines like Goddess, Spellcraft, Life Images and Spheres, and in three of SARK’s best-selling books on creative fulfillment and freedom.

Your Prompt(s) for This Week

Goddess Leonie says:

“Have you found your soul’s compass yet?

Goddess Lisa says:

 yes i have.  wildly pursuing my path deep deep inside this journey through italy and through my own psychic terrain has given me true compass… i call it desire at times luv, and it is made known through inspired creation.

it lives in the place in my heart where all my luv and dreams are stored.  the magnitude of it’s ability to guide me comes from my willingness to follow them.  they are part of each other.  when i become deafened to them,

my compass disintegrates, returns to the imaterial place where all is possibile but not seen or felt.

when i begin to hear again,

it returns right back into my ears, into my hair, into my face, into my heart, bewteen my legs, it moves through me guiding

me towards natural places, trees, water, music and especially laughter, creativity and connection.  i feel beautiful again.  i am able to moan and bubble like a pond full uv everything strange and dark yet it is all contained in the eyes of the most graceful white and black swan who always knows how creation happens and where the crack through the trees lets the light shine through.  that special place, in light that contains every darkness, is where my compass is always pointed.

What would you like to call into your life?

the highest and greatest, successfull, creative and enlightened collaborations.  musicians that will arrange brilliantly around my original music ( my first album) and opportunities to travel and become recognized internationally for my art;

a spotlight like none other;

a tribal following that lifts and carries my bumble bee practise of creation and pollination of all beauty, health, wealth and authentic goodness…

If the 80-year-old you wrote you a letter, what would she say?

why are u dissapearing everytime a wave comes your way… slipping right under the rocks like t.s. eliot’s prufrock …

“I should have been a pair of ragged claws/ Scuttling across the floors of silent seas” (73-74).

gorgeous and romantic, but self-sabotaging… hiding your one true light to be massaged by the hands of shadows.

let your good will shine forth my dear child.  find your one tru light-house, and inhabit it.

emit your every passion across many skies from this singular place,

u will guide many sailors home by the sound of your singing soul.

And in what ways are you a goddess?”

in more ways than one or once upon a time.

i know how earthquakes are created and how they shake the core of every ego so that spirit can find the cracks to move through;

i know how compassion can simmer and transform the erupting sparks of rage into the light of true power;

i know how non-judgement is the key to inner peace and shockingly stunning original work;

i know how the gentle touch of an unobtrusive hand shifts an entire nervous system from resistance to recieving;

i know how many tears must be wept to flood dry land so a boat can begin to sail;

i know how much grace there is in stillness, and how much godliness there is in firey creative explosion;

i know i am so indefinable and incredible that goddess is just a term for who we all are as women;

creators and so utterly beautiful we can inspire even the most hardest, closed callous of god’s creations

and make them return whole.

2 thoughts on “Journal Prompt for Week 2: “Your Roots: Reconnecting with Your Core”

  1. OMG Lisa! This took my breath away. Deeply profound and poetic.
    What I love and will treasure: “why are u dissapearing everytime a wave comes your way… slipping right under the rocks” and “i know how many tears must be wept to flood dry land so a boat can begin to sail;”

    Goddess Lisa – you are an inspired poet.

  2. hey Goddess Cara! i am honored to recieve your luv note here! wow thanku. i am also so happy to haved inspired u… ur so amazing!!!! soul sister returns- thanku. i have had your word in my subconcious this past week from your beautiful blog …. “stillpoint”….

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