Journal Prompt for Week 3 : Self-Portraiture: Rewriting Your Beautiful Story

Journal Prompt for Week 3

Self-Portraiture: Rewriting Your Beautiful Story

You have already crossed the threshold, excavated your roots and now you’re ready to paint your self-portrait. In other words, you’re about to delve into your personal stories.

The theme of the 3rd week is “Self-Portraiture: Rewriting Your Beautiful Story.”

Your core story is your personal narrative that is based on the unfiltered ideas you’ve collected and internalized about yourself and the world around you. In Sara Blackthorne’s words, it’s the story that lives at the center of your being, the story that influences every aspect of your life.

At the same time, it is the story that you protect the most, the one you keep to your innermost self and circle of friends. In many ways, your core story is both the mirror and the face reflected.

I thank the three amazing women Sara BlackthorneLaVonne Ellis andJocelyn P. Kelly for contributing to this week’s blog post and the Full Adventure chapter.

How I Found Myself:

A Journey Into the Forest

By Sara Blackthorne

The summer I was nine years old, we moved into the country, onto a plot of land with a small trailer and ten acres of Jack Pine tree. Being a child who already didn’t have many friends, moving into the country meant finding myself further on the outskirts of social circles once school began again in the autumn. But in those few months between the move and September, I discovered the path to my own beautiful reflection.

There wasn’t much stopping me from packing a few books and a journal, a sack lunch and some water, and heading out into the forest day after day after day. I was on the hunt for my spirit. And I was determined to find it.

At the time, I did not know for what I was searching. I only knew that there had to be more than tears and anguish and hatred. I knew that the children in my books didn’t feel the despair that I experienced daily. And they didn’t live with parents who yelled, who hit, who hurt them. But trees—trees couldn’t yell or hit. Trees could only witness, could only be with you.

Sitting among the row upon row of Jack Pine trees, I found the answers to my seeking heart. I learned that witnessing—the silent watching of our actions and adventures—can be done by trees as much as humans.

And I learned the importance of calling on our ancestors, the women who have walked the roads before us, to guide and carry our voices into the future.

Your Prompt for This Week

(First click on the audio file below and listen to the guided meditation Sara recorded specially for A Year With Myself. Or you can right-click and save it to your desktop.)


SARA BLACKTHORNE is a forest-walker, a tree dancer, a writer, and storyteller who is interested in supporting and nurturing your deepest stories to the surface of being. She walks between the worlds of seen and unseen, finding the truth in each of our experiences. The author of two workbooks and countless poems and essays, Sara is now focused on helping you birth your true stories into the world. Want to be witnessed? Drop her note {} or send her a tweet {@sarablackthorne} or check out A Forest of Stories for more ways to be seen.

Sara Blackthorne says:

“Who are the women in your story, the ancestors, who have walked the path of their own true stories?

Lisa says: each woman in my ancestory has wildly walked her own path, through thick and thin, through hot and cold, my ancestory has boiling latin

blood and intense cold oceanic waves of creation flowing through the stems of this earthly body; my ancestry is madly deeply in luv with life and all that comes from the all=loving, light streaming, dream-realizing giver of all good, the ONE TURNING SOURCE OF LIFE and we are directly ascended into this energy.

How do you find your beautiful reflection in the world?

i and the father are one.  as the mother i know the child is born by three.  the father ,the son and the holy ghost.  i know how to protect the “inner child” so its powerful innocence, its “blind faith” is what parts two sides of the same river, (male/female) and lets what has been kept down, enslaved (free spirit) through and over to the other side where freedom reigns.  this is all kept in my heart where i have had the courage in this wild inner journey of mine to confront and learn the reality of these metaphysical principles and spiritual freedom.  i am profoundly gratefull for this endowing of wisdom upon me.  i do not know why “me?”  but i do know that from when i was a child, i have had an insatiable thirst to know what was “behind” so many “illusions”.  i believed always in the source of happiness, the creative imagination and the power of possibility running through my body and how this was connected to “god”. i prayed everynight with my mom and my brother in italian the “lord’s prayer”  this would put me along with nightly stories read to me by mom, and at times her warm hand under my head, to sleep in a deep way that connected me with the SOURCE…..

i was born a “wild one”.  this has not always been “a piece of cake” but such a minestrone BLESSING!  i have lived a mixing pot of diverse ingredients of goodness.  born into a very traditional italian BEAUTIFUL and CREATIVE, ARTISTIC and MUSICAL family (whom i adore and am extremely loyal to) growing up in a predominantly asian neighborhood, ( i feel half- asian) i have had to learn a juggling act between  firey creative rebellious sensual nature, peaceful zen and  loyal, traditional (which can also be pretty off the wall!) but also rigid, uniform ( i wore one in high-school) community-shared beliefs!  what a balancing act this has been!!!!!!!!!!  but so worth it! this is reality! this is richness in all its ABUNDANCE! singularity in multiplicity!

How do you tend and nurture your core story, as you would tend a tree in the forest?”

i tend towards me through listening to my heart. when i begin to cry tears of joy, i know this is what is calling me home.  i know this luv, this passion, this desire towards what makes me return whole, what gives me the power to release tension, fear, worry, what returns me back to the simple joy of being, i am given my core, my truth, a story if u will, but more importantly my house (my soul) where freedom, luv and faith move towards one another giving me the power of creation.

(Bonus excersise: Try it out!)

Actionable Idea for This Week

This is many of the wonderful exercises included in this week’s Full Adventure chapter. This specific one was created for you by story coachJocelyn P. Kelly.

WRITE: Fairy Grandmother

How would your fairy godmother tell your story?
Fairy godmothers see through the eyes of wisdom and compassion.
They’re always rooting for you even though they know how to keep their distance out of love and respect.
They see and accept you fully as you are and will always help support you in realizing your full potential.
Start with the sentence, “Once upon a time” and tell it in third person point-of-view.

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2 thoughts on “Journal Prompt for Week 3 : Self-Portraiture: Rewriting Your Beautiful Story

  1. What an interesting and unusual background you have, being Italian in an Asian neighborhood. I can see how that can be an interesting mix of passion and zen centeredness. It’s interesting to think about how the two intermingling.

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