enter here:

heres an illuminating moment:

the mind likes to munch on problems when it gets bored.  instead when we direct our minds into sensing and

feeling our body movements, our minds quiet down and become happily and simply contented… for as we all know

movement is life.

ie. to pass the food we eat through our body for example… there is MOVEMENT…. the organs are squishing, heart is always contracting and expanding , our trillions uv cells are bouncing around dancing…


when our mind is directed into our feeling our internal body: (thanku moshe feldenkrais for so astutely and acutely understanding this)

our mind is connected to that which is the river of life: the essence that flows through us and gives us life to be.

(even our breath creates movement; expansion of the lungs, the ribs etc, nostrils, our lips flutter like butterfly wings… etc) we are made so so divinely~


when our minds are not connected to our self,

the mind connects to a problem or creates one : u SEE , it’s job is analytical, logical, works out things… the mind is great at this and can make up scenarios just for it to get working at what its good at doing ( working out problems).. however…….

the mind iS far more AMAZINGly POTENT when it is trained into sensing, listening, and percieving our self, our moving body, our flowing breath – and connecting to the happy natural thoughts that pop up when we are connected to feeling our NATURAL STATE OF BEING:

WELL and JOYFULL!!!!!!!

yup its ok… let go …

ur fine… just as u

are! abandon your weight, your mind and let


sink back down into the earth and your naturally breathing, well, happy body…

ahhhhhhhh TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND CONNECT TO U! and ta dum! ur up there with buddha and jesus christ and the rest of them happy go lucky fellas! i luv those guys! they knew how to connect their minds to their internal bodies  and therefore think natural thoughts like,

” hey i am pretty cool, i can just sit and listen to my breath while the “world” goes to hell!”


“god luvs me… hey i and the father are one… hey I AM… therefore i LUV everyone cause we are all connected to this ” I AM” so

we are all brothers and sisters…. lets not judge eachother, lets luv oneanother as ourselves cause were all ONE!”

… doo dooo do do do … and lots of other great thoughts that come up when we are connected to our source.

ILLUMINATING buddha/christ/ lisa/feldenrkais/yogic MOMENT ahahahahahah!:

the problem started in your mind and the “illusion” the problem, can only be fixed where it started….


everyone, please, whereveru see a problem in your life or someone elses… go to YOUR MIND and

REPLACE THIS creation of yours with  reconnecting your mind to what is perfectly well and true:

YOUR light-filled, happy, joyfull, healthy, whole, creative, powerful, beautiful




YOU (u are in your body remember? 😉


need an idea?  go for a walk, pick up a paint-brush, put on music and dance, go to a dance class, hike a hill, take the stairs, pick up the mop and clean, go skiing, go swimming, go for a run, hug your luved ones, visit an old and or a new friend and talk to each other in animated ways ie. get your whole face moving, feel your lips as u talk, go to the yoga mat, refine your sense and feeling of movement and take up feldenkrais… and just keep the luving flow uv ” I AM”  in tact…

ALIVE INSIDE YOUR GIFT: SPIRIT FEELING AND PERCIEVING ITSELF INSIDE A MOVING BODY! life is so blessed! lalalalla makes me wanna sing and dance! 

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