what i know so far

luv is the most powerfull force in the world.  there is no bomb i can send into the life of someone with

judgement, criticism or expectations…and (expect)

they will return me a well wish, a flower, or a kiss…

at the end of the day, may we be bathed in a few more kisses, just a few more well wishes,

and cry our own tears so that we grow our own flowers of forgiveness

and GAIN just enough terrain to BE whatever FLOWER ur MEANT TO BE.

angry destructive bombs wont grow anything…

but maybe returning to zero will.

collapse within ur self, let the walls of your defenses blow out and away,

fall into your own lap, your own pain, your own tear, your own stain,

and something more powerfull than any blame,

will ARISE and develop a new WAY TO BE in the world.

U ACCEPT CONTRADICTION, conflict aint worth it,  … is it really so neccesary to right?




who u are or who u KNOW U ARE MEANT TO BE…

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