a letter to my science teachers by samantha reynolds

i have just connected with this fabulous poet and entrepreneur!

She writes a poem a day!

i feel we have LOTS in common here!

i am excited to share her latest poem from her blog www.bentlily.com:

MARCH 11, 2012

A letter to my science teachers

You meant well

but if I could go back
I would implore you

let me loose
on the world

trust that I can learn
in the bright cold air

agitate my curiosity
make me gasp
with wonder

take me to the edge of the sea
and tell me only
that there is so much down there
we don’t know

you wouldn’t teach tennis
from a book
but you buckled science
into a desk

you fed me dust
and asked why
I was not hungry

it wasn’t your fault
someone told you to do it that way
but I wish I’d had the courage to say

I am done giving answers
brace yourself
for my questions

LUV THIS POEM! resonates deeply as a teacher and student of life and learning, i feel the passion and need to explore to

learn in an authentic way – thanks a million samantha for your inspiration…

and by the way… i have just won, through another amazing inspiring  teacher and artist cara moulds, www.caramoulds.com

samantha’s new book: so so inspiring! i LUV THIS WORK!  THANKS UNIVERSE for connecting the dots between my reality and my dreams~!


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2 thoughts on “a letter to my science teachers by samantha reynolds

  1. Lisa-
    I love this poem too. I think all teachers should see it. As you, I love all of Samantha Reynolds’ poetry. I can’t wait til we both get the book, which isn’t released until March 23. Then we can share our favorites.
    Keep sharing your Lisa luv and light!

    • hi cara! ur making me fill up to the brim with your positivity and inspired ACTION!
      I AM SO INSPIRED BY U! THANKU THANKU THANKU! more than words~ cant wait to share with u…

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