Cara Moulds Photography

allow your spirit to move through what you do and give to the world.

here is an amazing photographer and teacher empowering people all over the world to find their inner ” still-point”.  i am very honored the universe has connected me this inspiring woman and soul-sister!

what moves you to create?

her response beckons her soul through contact with nature:


I walk through the forest almost daily, a meditative ritual. When I am fully aligned and centered with my soul, I can feel the energy of the trees.  Sometimes, I stop to lay my hands on the bark, closing my eyes to focus on the sensation in my hands, visualizing the vibrations, hearing the hum of the tree singing to me. When I stand there, I can believe that the trees are all watching me, waiting to see if I can understand them like that girl in Narnia, but I can’t.  Still, I know they are speaking to each other, and the birds, and the forest animals, and the wind.  So I stand there, touching the bark, eyes closed, listening from my soul.

Cara Moulds

Thanks Cara for sharing such an intimate, calm and sensual moment. i know these words and your photography will allow people’s homes to be filled with your divine eye for the beauty all around us 🙂 Please feel free to contact her for information on her coaching, mentoring and photography art-work:    (these photos are gorgeous!!!)

-lisaluv living in magical, dream-realizations!

2 thoughts on “Cara Moulds Photography

  1. Lisa-
    Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing my photography. I love your generous spirit and exuberance for life and appreciate the universe bringing us together!

  2. cara- oo wow. what do i say here? i am simply over-joyed by our rich exchanges and am really excited about your work! u are pleasantly suprising everyone including myself with your personal touch taking people to the top of their still-point. the place where joy sits when we are fully living our present moment. i feel your art-work speaks here.:) up and climbing 🙂 x.!

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