be u.

be a u.


beautiful u.

stay true to u.  always. simple. cause u, just as yourself, is UNCONDITIONALLY LUVED AND BLESSED  in each moment u are aware of yourself as the magnificent creation of the beautiful universe.

i am simply sooo gratefull for the beauty inherent in life . we, mother earth and all who inhabit it, are such a healthy luving divine work of art.

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2 thoughts on “be u.

  1. Lisa! How are you? I’m Ana, from Portugal, I was at Firenze last summer.. remember?
    Yesterday I went to a Feist concert and somehow it made me remind of you.. now I came to visit your blog again and it definitly matches :))
    Keep on with the pure and deep writing!
    And please come to Portugal whenever you want! bacini

    • ANA!!!! CHE BELLO! yes of course i remember u…. how incredible because i tried to get in touch with u when i went to do my berklee audition in rome!
      u know i LUV FEIST. and she is a fellow canadian singer/songwriter living in france right now yes?
      i am so honored to be compared to her cause she is a sheer musical goddess what a talent that woman! incredible ! so thanku a million!

      thanks also for reading the luv blog. it means a lot to me and i think ur really inspiring as well… i am still thinking about how
      manage to tour europe on your bicycle! so INSPIRING AND AMAZING! U GO DOCTOR ANA! AND WOULD LUV TO VISIT U IN PORTUGAL! thanku thanks
      and thanks for writing!

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