Now is Now : ” Il coreografo interdisciplinare 2012 ” Company Blu

ho passato un tempo intensivo lavorando sul anatomia, movimenti,  e coreografo fra video e danza.

era molto inspirata. i was very inspired e una matina,  and one morning, un fiume, a river, di parole, of words

sono venuti fouri di la mia pen e ho scritto diretamente sul  muro fouri, came right out of my pen and i wrote them directly on the wall outside ;

e un manifesto di liberazione totale; unlimited freedom, the only kind i know about, is unconditional and wide open.

there is a mother in the sky, un madre in cielo, che dobbiamo conoscere meglio, that we must know deeper and deeper.

it is imperative.

i am so happy we decided to use the words in one of our final projects.  the teachers are brilliant. thanks charlotte zerbey, alessandro certini, massamiliano barachini, federico bucolossi e jacopo jenna. so are the students;   a total combination of natural rythmns creates and this is what we want!

here is our video ; NOW IS NOW check it out! 

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