I am so happy to realize my potential through ALL that i LUV!

I am a sensual, firey, creative woman who does not like to narrow myself down.


and deliver what FEELS RIGHT:

what has been feeling really right for me is to be everything i am and luv.

i luv so many things. firstly i luv people! i luv knowing, seeing, hearing, experiencing, sharing, collaborating, and creating with lots and lots of people! for me, the more, the merrier. luckily there are just a few people in my life who really know me and i them, but my luv and curiousity to know the world makes me open my heart to countless people and i luv this about myself.  i have a big big heart.

i also luv so many creative activities:  i luv to dance, i luv to sing, i luv playing the guitar, i luv writing songs, poems, stories and i luv to write my blog!

i also luv to honor the food i eat.  all  very creative ways to be in the world!

i also luv spirituality and metaphysics; i luv to do feldenkrais, yoga and meditation. i luv inspirational videos, artists, coaches, councelors. i am very inspired by positive thinkers and how our mind can serve our spirit!

i luv teaching english.  i luv communication and the power of being present when we speak. i luv the gift of voice.

i luv travelling… ie . living in new places! (italy is still so bloody beautiful!)

i luv real luxury items: hand-made soaps, creams, essential oils, paper, arts-crafts, paintings. things that give good energy~

so LISA LUVS alot of different stufffff.  and i am becoming ok with this…. i am a multipotentiality! with lots of different passions and skills and its BLOODY AWSOME!

what does this mean?

it means, not fearing all this multipotential inside.  i am a million things because i LUV  a million things and i am elequently, gracefully BEING all my pieces and seeing what a gorgeous renaissance woman I AM! YA!

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