inside our bodies, there is everything we need to know on how to get well, stay fit, be happy.

get well; laughter is contagious, bliss is in everymoment we are awake to it, and luv pours into our hearts as we let down our gaurds

and except life just as it is.

stay fit; our engine of survival is movement.  movement is life and creates.  live whatever movement practise u luv and your body and life begins to luv u back.

be happy; for yourself and for nobody else, be happy.  be happy for whatever makes u happy; its simple, dont deny who u are.  be yourself.

just a few thoughts for a moon day monday.  luvin it in each and everymoment!

Photo: Live Performance; Mooval with Gabriella  Secchi’s Contemporary Dance Company in “Pulsione”     Apr 2012

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