veg.non veg.

in the past month ive stopped eating meat, still eating fish, stopped drinking milk.

something inside said to stop. something inside wishes better for the destiny uv cows.

i am open to a dish of wild hare, or boar but it means me swinging by the country side to visit kathleen because the supermarkets

in the centre carry pretty industrial meat.

my dad is in accordance with no cow meat.  he eats organic chicken that he buys at famous foods near the house in vancouver…

i am eating 3/4 different servings of fruit, veggies, legumes, grains 3 times a day. BOUNO!

drinking lots of water.  enjoying an espresso after lunch. BOUNO!

one spremuta in the morning of a lemon and 2 oranges.  ( a must ! 🙂 BOUNISSIMO!


mom calls and gives me some amazing advice.

lisaluv ” mom happy mothers day! ive stopped eating meat.  im eating way more fruits and veggies now”

mom ” lisa. thats great but if you want to stay healthy, you must eat also legumes WITH a grain together.

brown rice, or quinoia or farro, WITH a legume/bean to get the whole protein your body needs”

lisaluv ” i did not know this ma! thanks wow!”

cheers to health, good advice, wild meat, vegetarians, happy healthy cows,  brown rice with beans, non-extremisim and small happy changes! LUV!

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4 thoughts on “veg.non veg.

  1. Hi Lisa….I made exactly the same…It’s incredible our similitude! 🙂 No extremism, still eating some fish – apart TUNA, which is supposed to be killed in a very cruent way, and except lobster, obviously, because of the habit to put it in the hot water still alive- …Where are you in the world at the moment? If you’re in Tuscany, come at Note Blu….just to say hello to everybody! Seey you soon, hope !!!

  2. yes! really! wow! so great! great for u deborah! i am happy for your changes. i also do not eat tuna because it lives for too long and picks up lots of mercury (another tip from dad!) and lobster has never been introduced into my diet… for probably good reasons. i am still in florence. i would luv to come by to say hello to everyone at note blu! thanks! see u soon! lets connect!

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