fresh in the belly

i am cooking a simple dish for the first time in a few weeks.   one of my favorites. it is pure, essential and absolutely traditional.  linguini con pomodori fresci.  fresh tomatoes cooked in a stir fry of delicious olive oil, garlic and carrots.

i luv this meal.  i eat it often.

i returned from stunning morocco to be stunned with a bout of travellor’s sickness and consequently with no choice of my own,  a good 2 weeks of practically no tolerance of anything accept  plain white rice and crackers and bananas.

in every down turn, there is always an equivalent surprising sweet spiralling upwards reality to be known if we let ourselves go there.

my lesson from god this week came very discreetly and even magicallly.

in my very weak state of being, literally in bed, going to the bathroom and back to bed — i decided i would not miss my singing class. nope not for the world.

so i took the train to the next town to visit one of the most incrdible women i know to have my singing lesson despite my physical weakness.

i showed up at her door  ” lisa u look really tired .  what happened? ” i explained and also told her that for sure i would not be able to sing but i came anyways.

to my total surprise, i began producing my voice in a much better sound than i had previously.  what?  what is going on.  ive been sick in bed …

well what i learned  through our conversation and excerises together was that i had given up the “effort”.  i literally just “gave up” the need to try and found a very quiet, still place to be in my body.  my body was just totally relaxed because i was just to tired to produce any tension.

my teacher says” perfect.  this is exactly the state u need to stay in to work.  here is where we can begin.  this is your neutral state.  you have arrived. can you feel it? ”

“yes i can feel it.  i am not doing anything.”

well my grand discovery is by not doing anything, (allowing myself to relax)  i am able to call upon just the right muscles i need to get the job done and not anymore.

as a fluke, i embody the total philosophy of feldenkrais; less is more; to release unwanted muscle contractions and have the awareness to call upon those needed for the desired result.

this is the state of a mature being.  having the abiltiy to choose. having the awareness to make changes that assist us towards a higher quality of living.

she comes over and gives me a big hug and says quietly, ”  congratulations, you did it.  this is a big shift forward for you!  here we have a blank canvas. here we can build your voice.”

i am learning. i am learning.  i am teaching and i am learning.  this is a blessing.

so today, as my stomach feels great, i am eating my first plate of pasta after this profoundly transformative experience and a deep revelation passes my mind;

the world just keeps producing the same results when we look for the approval of our parents, of past generations, to live the life we want right now.  if we do.not go forward and explore the nowness of our lives, we are always going to recreate the same experiences as before.

this is good when it comes to a traditional plate of pasta, but not so good when the earth is asking us humans to evolve. to go forward, we must empty ourselves of the past, we must fill ourself with the potential of what and where our biological process is taking us.

i am drinking clean water with a quarter grapefruit juice. i feel fresh in the mind and in my belly. good.

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4 thoughts on “fresh in the belly

  1. Hey Lisa, I really enjoyed reading your post. Sooo interesting to learn your voice had a much better sound without the effort. I had heard something like that before. If you get a chance, please post that pasta recipe. Sounds delicious 🙂

  2. hey vanessa! thanks ! yes so interesting. this rule of thumb seems to apply to a whole heck of a lot of things… life actually runs smoother and happier when we let go, and call upon what is needed.
    here is your request:

    delicious pasta traditional south italian style: ( learned this from a line of special someones including mamma! perfecting these skills here in italia!!!!)

    *put a pot of water to boil with fresh tomatoes (the smaller redder plump kind attached to the vine)
    *boil the tomatoes in the water
    *put on the pan your choice of delicious olive oil, ( yes use quality) chopped garlic on a low fire
    *begin grating a washed carrot
    *throw in pepperoncino (homemade if you can manage it) ( calabrese is the best)
    *the water is boiling take out the tomatoes, peel them with a fork and knife
    and put them in the stiry fry and begin mushing them.
    *throw in the big salt in the boiling water and add your favorite kind of pasta (here quality counts as well. the best kind is napolitan)
    *return mushing the tomatoes and stirring it all together adding a bit of salt, and fresh basil if you have it or else a bit of oregano will do fine. stir it once and while for about 5 minutes.
    *add the pasta to the sauce when it is al dente ( which means in italian “by the tooth” ) therefore test it often before it cooks too much and just when it is cooked ie ( VERY IMPORTANT!!!!DONT OVER COOK THE PASTA, this will ruin the plate completely)

    mix it up and BOUNA APPETITO!

    ********your LUV that your pouring into it is what will give this dish its immaculate flavor. don’t forget this ever with italian food. timing is everything and it is a very physical act. the hands, the eyes, the heart and the belly and the making of the dish are ALL connected. i often have deep revelations during my cooking times if i stay quiet and observant…


    let me know how it comes out!

  3. OMG!! ALISON! congratulations!!!!!! how beautiful and exciting! i am sure u willll release one of the greatest luvs of your life- gooing into it deeply – letting life come thru! a big big hug and keep me posted! xo!

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