LUV IS NOW a website

yes and welcome to!

where self-luv and creation is given to u through my uncanny intuitive ability to connect to the river behind the river flowing through me to u. my intuition says to luv yourself and the whole world begins to fall at your feet to listen.

we are ALL connected through this all – luving source.  it is potent, it is infinite, it is unknown, it is creative, it is abundant ; it is becoming known


HERE on!

and to connect u gotta begin being more of who u are and less of who u think u are…hmmm. sounds scary, right?

i began this blog as a place to LUV what i did not know about myself.  to give myself permission to “not know” to give myself courage to be scared about not knowing.  to give myself the power to realize what i LUV is maybe something NEW! something kinda NOW! something i am LEARNING ABOUT through experimentation, knowledge, exploration, sharing, digging, revealing … CREATING.

i laugh simply because ironically  i realize that by giving myself the permission to not know so many answers to many questions about life

i have GIVEN myself permission  to know the part of me that ” knows”.  she knows everything.  this beating heart knows she is. I AM.  i will not forsake her.   i give HER my heart and head to hear what is beating through me to u. have u?

so to CELEBRATE the LUV yourself website, i leave u with a few words from one of my favorite sufi poets and a secret italian recipe i have learned here in italy!

” your task is not to seek for luv, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” rumi.

delicious pasta traditional south italian style:

( learned this from a line of special someones including mamma! perfecting these skills here in italia!!!!)

*put a pot of water to boil with fresh tomatoes (the smaller redder plump kind attached to the vine)
*boil the tomatoes in the water
*put on the pan your choice of delicious olive oil, ( yes use quality) chopped garlic on a low fire
*begin grating a washed carrot
*throw in pepperoncino (homemade if you can manage it) ( calabrese is the best)
*the water is boiling take out the tomatoes, peel them with a fork and knife
and put them in the stiry fry and begin mushing them.
*throw in the big salt in the boiling water and add your favorite kind of pasta (here quality counts as well. the best kind is napolitan)
*return mushing the tomatoes and stirring it all together adding a bit of salt, and fresh basil if you have it or else a bit of oregano will do fine. stir it once and while for about 5 minutes.
*add the pasta to the sauce when it is al dente ( which means in italian “by the tooth” ) therefore test it often before it cooks too much and just when it is cooked ie ( VERY IMPORTANT!!!!DONT OVER COOK THE PASTA, this will ruin the plate completely)

mix it up and BOUNA APPETITO!

********your LUV that your pouring into it is what will give this dish its immaculate flavor. don’t forget this ever with italian food. timing is everything and it is a very physical act. the hands, the eyes, the heart and the belly and the making of the dish are ALL connected. i often have deep revelations during my cooking times if i stay quiet and observant…

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