to be is NOW

“jam tomorow, jam yesterday but never never jam today!”

i remember this song in one of my favorite childhood ( and still today) films, the original “alice in wonderland”.

poor alice arrives to recieve her jam and she is told to come tomorow, not today….

this is the mind.  it projects into the future, it promises that satisfaction will arrive… tomorow. it could have been… yesterday… but never never jam today!


the only life that is, is NOW.  we can not ever go back and tomorow only happens in each moment happening…..

NOW! are u here?  

the secret of happiness comes from a dimension that is inside each of us that has nothing to do with what your mind “thinks” about; identifies with ie. the content, the things .

rather in the inner stillness that is the ever infinite NOW where life takes place. can u feel it? will u allow it?  are u here?

5 thoughts on “to be is NOW

  1. Love this Lisa. Never really saw Alice in Wonderland, but love the reference . Great example of how we are never satisfied. Thanks for the reminder this morning to live in the now.

  2. hi Lisa, it’s amazing how connected we are despite the distance..:-) I love this concept, I love eckart tolle…it’s book, the power of now, was a sort of revelation for me. Sorry for my english..but I hope you caught my words anyway! Love, Deborah

  3. hi deborah!!! there are no boundries in infinite reality!!! i luv this book as well. he is pure and good! where are u? in florence? we should catch up! i caught your words! grazie millione! luv u too!

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