NOW is present tense softly allowing

“the more you think about things, the more complex they become” Alan Watts

to be NOW may take you into some inner pain that needs transmutation.  ALLOW it, allow yourself to feel WHATEVER is going on inside.

HOLD the space for whatever IS to BE.

i am willing to not hang on to anger anymore.  i am willing to stay with it.   it lights my presence as i sit with it.  i allow myself to cry as i witness the growing presence in myself.

we could do the opposite and spend our life trying to run away, get away  from uncomfortable feelings via whatever stimulation your mind is seeking but we can also choose to be here, right now and accept the present moment just as it is.

this creates a doorway into the space where there is only joy and luv;  the source that lives within u is underneath alot of our mental/emotional baggage.  this mental structure is a structure; it is not a personal problem. the mind likes to think and chew upon problems… u, however, are NOT your mind nor your mind-made problems.

the entire planet is shifting out of our mental rigidity.  the structure of the mind is becoming apparently dense and problematic.  our divine essence is begining to awaken.  in the NOW, is the opportunity to shift old habits, to ACCEPT pain and to go ahead simply by staying present.  slowly, softly a new aspect of yourself becomes the witness to the mind; there is another dimension to u.  can u feel something deeper when u allow yourself to accept the moment JUST AS IT IS without “needing” to change it?

(ironically  life begins to change when this luving, allowing, witnessing, spacial dimension is arisen.)

i sit in parks, feel the earth, i go into uncomfortable feelings, sometimes this makes me cry, sometimes it makes me marvel at the sky, often i feel a deep dimension inside where peace and complete clarity of wholeness, oneness with all that is, vibrates through my body.

my deep intuition feels this is the most important thing to share with everyone:  our truth.  i feel the calling to have my life be all together; no hiding parts of me and yet i must seek time totally alone to get to this dimension within.

i am willing to be able to hold this space wherever i may be.  this is an act of courage and luv.

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