wonder woman is…

naturally U when your :  on. awake, relaxed, aware of your body,your space, your feelings, your joy.

not off. doing things others demand.  losing your sense of balance. losing your sense of awareness.  leaving your joy to be taken by others.  have u seen women  who are off, dragging themselves around like robots given enough battery to move at a bare minimum? or they are faking it; they carry a bright, shining smile and and over -active body language and on the inside they are ready to collapse.

i have; i have been there myself and it is ugly.

some women are all vogue on the outside and all vague on the the inside” mary kay.

i have also seen women dare to live fully as THEM SELF; purely abundant, wise, luving, caring, giving and most importantly, knowing  how and when to create their own limits.

they choose  to recieve the gift of others. ie  they turn off the need to judge,  they turn on their ability to be open, allowing and ultra perceptive to what is GOOD in life and in others.  they maintain this inner centered strength that allows them to be strong on the inside, soft on the outside. they know when to say no and when to say yes.

simply speaking; they are aware…

this is beauty.  this is magical when women share this quality; awareness.  it is even more magical when wonder women share the gift of their conciousness with men who are able to respond and respect and give their strong, active,gentle, caring masculine energy back .

i am learning to allow myself to feel life without needing to explain it away.  ALLOWING LIFE means i am not going to explain my everyday miracles.  I will ENJOY, be AWARE and SHARE them~  and for those who do not dig this,  well… they can stay up there (or rather out ) on the surface where life is rationally explainable!  some don’t get it. they try to pull me out of  concious self.   they get angry seeing me naturally sparkling;  they want to know how i get there…

i offer u this.  only U can get yourself in the dimension of the divine.  why?  because it isn’t somewhere outside yourself. it is INSIDE OF YOU.  i can help u get there.  actually i would LUV TO… if you ask you will recieve.  it is the only way but we can not steal light from others. we can not get the feeling of being bigger, expanded through needing someone else to be smaller.  we can not demand anything in life.  hardness will not create a soft inner opening.  it is in the opening of AWARENESS that appreciation and enjoyment occur;  discoveries that u too, a creation of the universe, are a magnificent, wonderfull gift (like wild baby strawberries!)

laughing aloud and gently hugging inside.  thanku lisa!

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