feldenkrais mind-body connections

body awareness anchors u in the moment.  to inhabit the inner body, you are directly incontact with the conciousness that animates the body, that gives it life, that is the source of all that is.  taking away attention from the thinking mind and bringing awareness to the innerbody, releases infinite energy that was previously trapped in the thinking mind;  there is a subtle energy field that pervades the entire body that as your mind i s brought into connection with it; there is a regeneration of the mind as well.  the body relaxes because the mind is no longer dominating it; the mind becomes sharper as it is now connected to the whole intelligence of the body rather than cut off- left to its own mechanical overdrive.

as we take our attention deeply into the subtle movements of the body; the distinction between inner and outer dissolves;  by going deep into the body; we transcend it;  a physical practise such as that which i teach- feldenkrais  becomes an instrument for the mind to  be guided into the portal to the infinite; through the body.

in this mind/body connection, there is a true liberation felt deeply;  there is a joy  and intense aliveness that bubbles up, arises from the pure conciousness, the light that emenates from deep within;  u realize this is your truth; without any form identity; this pure conciousness is your ” I am” presence.  u return to wholeness.

this will rapidly transform your life.  as u radicate yourself in this innerbody connection, ur presence will grow and u will not be in the frequency of negativity; u will rise above as your rooted down below.

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