“a true romance

live in pistoia, 07/12

when u dance! ”  says chan marshall best known as cat power!



Everbody come together
Everybody get together

It’s ok If ya can’t stand to let her dance
It’s ok it’s your right
Come on and take a chance
Tru romance when ya dance

take a chance. dont be in luv with the autograph, just be in luv when u sing ur song.”

luv u catpower~~~~~

in celebration of free language of body movement, i say have a true romance with the greatest luv uv your life;

the power of CREATION!

Now is Now is performing in the hottest parts of za world and we are excited about the FREEDOM of energy we are creating!

let it dancE!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXxuDw68elk                                                                                                                   live in florence

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