re cord the L ord : a moment uv mirroring madness

a little firey poem for where i am at today in evolution’s way uv singing to me….

tonight i sing into a microphone infront of 2 friendly sound engineers who have volunteered

their time to give me this opportunity to record my insanity.

inside my insanity there is a song uv christ spitting on the fireflies to give them their first baptism…

where is john?

in the highest down upon my head, 10 million slaps i think im dead.

instead its a highway tunnel, a song for thee

a leap into nowhere, a man’s taste of exstacy,

wandering on my knees, wandering on my knees,

withdrawl from the pain, parlevouing like cocaine, but its just my nature she has her way

air planes flying, teardrops crying for u… come on thru

line em up mix them up, get a cough, cant speak up, crushed on top

back into a million slaps upon my wrist for feeling something i could not resist

i came to tell u how much i luv u. i came upon u to be ur only one tru sun

nothing like the fire speaking tongue

ur aim is my aim, one up.

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