evolving wisdom

evolving wisdom is involving the entire history of humanity and our particular place in it====

we are in a time where information is readily available to KNOW as MUCH as WE CAN

about our particular research and purpose here in the expanse of a human life time on this planet.

LIFE IS THRILLING if you put this into perspective.  i am moving each day towards seeing the perfection

of ALL that has been and is inorder to participate in the evolving wisdom of our consciousness.

presently, i am deeply immersed in understanding the role of women in all this and our relationship to the omnipotent

and our roles as co-creators of the illuminated future of our planet.

intuitively, women yearn for deeper experiences of intimacy and love and to come fully alive!  through feminism we have been given “equal” opportunities as men yet there is a feeling that what women, in their feminine power, could experience and give to the world, is yet to be birthed in real lasting ways.  we live in a world that is out of balance between masculine and feminine energy.  nature is suffering and as we are part of nature, so are we.  we have still to return to our feminine power and be active from THAT WHICH LIES DEEP WITHIN. women hold important keys and yet we have no idea how to turn them…

RE SEARCH! what we look for, we find or rather finds us if we ALLOW IT!  … more to come!

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