i sir enter her!

surrender; hands in the air like u just don’t care!

krishnamurti says not to care about what happens.

i agree. what happens is in constant flux and as the world events testify,

mother nature won’t send us helicopters when our heads are covered in water,

nor a pair of red shoes when a tornadoe comes to dance with the countries star-spangled white striped

flag. whip it whip it good! come on down from the ivory tower and look around. what do u see?

do dooooooooo do dooooooooooooooooooooooooo—– doom~ ahhh~! help! failure, success and cookies crumbling

allover the place!

and we are just to sit around and let this happen? huh? what? send the army! send the marines! airplanes! bombs!

and my middle finger coated in sugar while we are at it!


just joking! we cant do any of the above as u see, the wind and water will just take over anyway…

it is time president and all the other political bodies in our minds to give over to the feminine








time is a changin says boby back in the day…. well this song still holds true.

and peace is still the most valuable thing we can create within

by surrendering to…

what is.

peace is inside everyone… we do not have to go far to find it—although we must remove ourselves from what obscures it— inorder to be what you are seeking, u release yourself from the illusions of the “importance” of what happens in the world and realize that the consciousness that creates all is available whenever u are ready to surrender to it and bring it forth into the play of form –

this is the joy of simplicity and infinity together. there are no demands made: children demand and it is forgivable but when adults demand, well our job is to forgive them as well. in simple, there is an awareness of the essence of what is in front of us. in this awareness, a creative intelligence operates and therefore so do u at a higher, more subtle level.

this is the joy of… u. stay with yourself, your connection to this space inside (source, god, quantum field, luv) and a power and joy far greater than any person, place or thing is always operating and giving your your highest possibility- protect this dimension of being by being your own watchguard.

listen to your instinct, for it comes from a higher place-

although our soul will create constant illusions to shift us into a place of growth, inevitable hardship will happen, just remember WHO YOU ARE—the truth will always set u free– and see that you are flying as high as ur heart desires.

-i sir enter the eye of the storm- there is a deep calm in the center 00 for the zero was created there-

-in the center of the world- the zero was created- thanks be to the arabs-



“u better start swimming, or you’ll sink like a stone… check your windows and rattle your walls- o times are a changing!…  “- bob dylan


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