sleeping beauty: stay awake or the wolf will come and get u…

as much as we need others to live, luv and grow for no one is an island-

there is a solid foundation built only in one place;


the home we reside in is our very ability to fully be in

touch with the

walls of our body; call it your ego, your personality, the part of you created by the world,

and know that u, conscious aware awake feeling perceiving receiving and therefore giving u,

MUST BE INSIDE the walls of your body, inside is your protection from the insisting illusions,



know thyself,

it is our safety, our place of transformation and where we can truly be in luv,

and share the universe running through us.

in every transformation, there is light shining through and an aspect of our self that remains in the dark (blind)

be the one who looks after the light (contains it) with your presence;

its a gift, believe me.

here is a commercial hit pop star diva super sugary but this song has great content to digest  🙂

enjoy! ps. super talented glen ballard produced her record thus for me- she is worth taking seriously;

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