hath or mary or european union

the feminine divine wrapped up so tightly into the museums of our minds, will she ever come undone?  can we bring her back out to have a look? to remember something pivotal to our  mysteriously wonderous, divine nature as women?

“You see me here, Lucius, in answer to your prayer. I am nature, the universal Mother, mistress of all the elements, primordial child of time, sovereign of all things spiritual, queen of the dead, queen of the ocean, queen also of the immortals, the single manifestation of all gods and goddesses that are, my nod governs the shining heights of Heavens, the wholesome sea breezes. Though I am worshiped in many aspects, known by countless names … some know me as Juno, some as Bellona … the Egyptians who excel in ancient learning and worship call me by my true name…Queen Isis”  -Apuleius

a sovereign over all things spiritual, Queen Isis suckling over her son Horus, an image picked up in the fifth century with Mother Mary suckling her son Jesus, is an embodiment of the powerful feminine divine who is endowed with magical powers, a queen of death and life, a healer and friend of slaves, sinners and the opressed and the listener of prayers of the wealthy, aristocrats and rulers.  her body connected to the land so much that the flooding of the nile was attributed to her tears.

the cult of isis spread prominently throughout italy during the formative years of christianity.  temples, statues, altars are built throughout pompeii and rome. there were priestesses and priests who were considered healers, dream interpreters and had the ability to control weather. she is also affilitated to goddess aphrodite ( venus)  and emboding a lustiness attributed to Hathor, goddess of joy, feminine luv, dance, music and helped women in childbirth.

each woman knows this aspect of herself, this exquisite  piece of her mosaic window of her soul, shining light from within on the world without.  the world without her is starved.  nature, trees, the ocean, rivers, mountains bow their heads to have consciousness (humans who are in touch with source) mirror to nature what she is by knowing who we are. the wealth of the world, the wealth of the word and the body are sourced from inside of us.  

i and the father are one says jesus.  i and the mother are one says mary. divine consciousness, a path that always takes us up mountains to be brought back down by the grace of god.

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5 thoughts on “hath or mary or european union

  1. Lisa, you are so articulate in your beliefs. I do think that you make us have a sense of meaning to the role of life.Keep up your positive outlook.Keep up your good work, Love Mom and Dad

  2. Hi Lisa,

    How are you?? Your writings are always so intruiging!

    I love the last picture of Mary with the heart! It’s a beautiful illustration to your blog entry! I was always curious about that classic image of the heart with thorns around it and fire flowing from the top (which you see in tattoos a lot). Where does this image originally come from and how has it been used in different contexts and imagery?

    Also in your blog the first picture of you …….Where was that taken? Is that meant to symbolize something about the European Union? I didn’t really get it…. So I understood that Queen Isis was an Egyptian godess? Were you were connecting female godesses/rulers throughout Europe to today’s European Union? Im not sure if I understood that but thought it was interesting and if you could maybe go deeper or clarify what you meant? thanks!

    Love you Lisa!

  3. i am hey hey maria ,

    thanks so much for asking such great questions~

    i am provoking thought by creating NEW meaning through the collage of these images together.

    we are so informed by images the media makes and our sense of power is generated through understanding our ability to invoke our OWN meanings. i am playing on the meaning between “marry” and “union” and “hathor”( goddess of lustfullness, music, dance, childbirth). is a woman’s power in her ability to marry a powerful man? i am generating a new concept of power through my playful juxtaposition of images of the madonna with the e.u. flag over my head.
    power in our society is considered to have masculine qualities- linear, analytical, and ( military).

    i am reconsidering power under the feminine “veil” by putting the e.u. flag on my head as the veil of the madonna. i took this photo in bruxelles, belgium where i was visiting the e.u. office of molise. in the second photo, they show me the depth of projects and incredible wealth of funding and where the money is directed.

    the sacred heart of is an amazing symbol becoming really popular from catholic religion in the late 1600’s in France. it signifies the transformational power of divine luv. the thorns also put on the head of christ is a symbol of the pain that once faced fully in the light of divine luv is brought into immense abundance of god’s luv. through the grace of mary, this luv is accessible.

    i luv to put the historical context of feminine power in juxtaposition of “political” power: what are your thoughts? which one is more real for u?

    much divine luv to u dear sorella,

    luv lisa

  4. p.s. – this is not such a straight- forward response rather one full of petals like a rose! so… if provoked, inspired to do so, please ask more questions~ luv!

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