12 evolutionary steps forward!

lisa luv’s 12 disciples:

our deep, rich mature co-creators check list!

1 .make a stand to listen to your inner self – meditate and connect with your inner power.

2. transform whatever u feel is holding u back by mentoring your younger self through your wise self towards freedom from old limiting beliefs.

3.   evolve the old beliefs and disappointments by taking 100 percent responsibility for your vibration ie. your emotional well-being.

4.  realize your desires and needs are for the good of the whole and deserve to be voiced.

5.  connect to the field of awareness and feel unconditional luv and appreciation of the life running through u.

6.  connect to your family and friends and ask to create a mutual support system to be  forces for eachother’s highest good.

7.  own your own value! generate life, abundance and deep relatedness with all of the good in life.

8.  make god real- move into partnership with the infinite intelligence!

9.  make deliberate delicious decisions based on the alignment with your deepest passion.

10. co-create with life and luv and organize around the future.

11. empower what u deeply care about.

12. focus your energy on what u deeply luv and create powerful partnerships that support each other’s creative vision!

P.S.big- apple grazie and  thanks to web designer kathleen giuliani for the genius use of my photography and message!mela-uluv-ok

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