Deeper levels of LUV listening

I am aware and grateful that life is constantly showing me the innate goodness and connectivity of all that is. as i surrender into the blending of my wisdom, courage and lisa LUV, and respond to my inner calling to return myself the the feminine divine wisdom -i am realizing the global impulse occurring inside me is occurring to countless people world-wide awakening to our co-creative powers!

it is a silent and powerful shift into the new earth based in the higher knowing tht we are all designed for a deeper purpose; to show up in the world as our true divine self and make a HUGE impact living from our calling. i call this living on purpose. living in your diamond lane. becoming the butterfly u are meant to be. as we begin to respond to our awakened desire to inspire, inspire, inspire the world to believe in our capacity to realize our highest good and fulfill the micro and macro destiny of each and everyone- i fall into deep gratitude for the huge array of readers joining me on the LUV blog.

There are members of this love based community from all over the globe including Italy , Canada ,United States , Russian Federation, India , Philippines , Australia , Germany , Turkey , France , New Zealand, Iraq , Slovenia , the United Kingdom , South Africa , Morocco , Sweden ,Romania ,
Brazil, Hungry, Poland ,Belgium ,Vietnam , Sri Lanka , Japan , Bangladesh , Qatar, China and Pakistan. I feel very humbled by your presence and am very excited to be connecting to a huge array of Inspired readers who are dedicated to fulfilling their highest and greatest path for the fulfillment of their destiny and the world .
I am excited that we are all accessing the feminine divine cocreative power that recognizes the innate goodness and infinite love and support that we are by nature connected to. i am devoted to creating a culture of awakened women and men unleashing each other’s power. As we are coming together to unleash our creative powers and realizing our destiny, I have created a few potent sign posts to follow on your journey into realizing your highest potential;

Recognize the potential of U.
Recognize the potential of I Am in U.
Bring forth the power inside Me.
(fill in your name) believes that life supports u. That all of creation supports ur success.

And now ask yourself….What would I do differently if I believed that all of life LUVs and supports me!!!!?

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