Be wild, Be grace, Beauty be Goddess Retreat

Fearlessly travel into the abundance, well being, creativity and vast natural beauty that is all your own when connecting to your body that reconnects your awareness to that of divine source. Become the goddess god intends you to be.

Join me in the countryside in my villa that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea for 7 day shift into your essential goddess self. Unmask what shines. Free what is born wild.

This is a transformational course about u. A place where u can be seen in your vulnerability and moved toward your true inner strength. We’re u will be reconnected to parts of u that need a little squeezing, a whole lot of self acceptance and a shift toward a higher understanding that u were born to shine, radiate and give to the world your unique talents and gift.

Lets do this together.

I will show u how to feel your inner body and give u access to your inner power and your unique beauty where the treasures of your talents and natural gifts given to u at birth can feel safe, supported and nurtured to become unveiled.

are u ready for the adventure of your life time? Come and join me in the LUV tribe where we learn to integrate our highest, goddess, creative, radiant self with our genuine humanity.


Date: To be announced!



8 thoughts on “Be wild, Be grace, Beauty be Goddess Retreat

  1. O this is amazing Cara! I am honored and excited to have u here with a tribe of firey goddesses on a mission! LUV being on your bucket list and luv even more having you cross it off! I’ll keep u posted about the dates 🙂

  2. Yeah! If your ready to be lead into an awe-inspiring experience of u 🙂 I’ve found the retreat! Lots of luv here, good to reconnect Plexy! Xoxo!

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