We Fulfill our Destiny in Evolutionary Partnerships

We all have gifts and talents that the world is asking to be born in huge, impacting ways- evolutionary ways- that allow for the greater flourishing of life on the planet! U are that important! But most of us don’t have the support to fully realize these gifts to bring them out of us. Sometimes we hardly know what they are! Mostly, they remain as yearnings deep inside, seeking to be cultivated, given a chance, if only we could access a context, like a garden is for the flowers, where they can grow.

The context I am talking about and providing is the possibility of creating evolutionary partnerships with friends,family, and people who connect with your calling. This is the only way to access this deeper calling -in the power of the collective field.

Here is why we need to evolve our relationships in order for the fulfillment of our greatest good- because only through each other can we access a wider, expansive reality. Only through each other can we awaken this greater knowingness of the planet of our interdependence.

so how can we begin shifting our ways of being in relationship with one another?
By beginning to understand where u presently hold reservations about others in terms of their willingness to support your mission. What do u believe about other people’s willingness to empower, to invest in, to be enthused and inspired by your gift, your calling, your mission?

Sometimes we hold old beliefs about others that do not empower us. The good thing is that we can begin to shift old limiting beliefs about other’s capabilities into one that is more true about each other….

In an Evolutionary Partnership, there is a synergy that begins to create. It is powerful for this reason. Yes there is a power inside of each of us that when we stand for one another, we hold the capacity to release it and realize our highest potentials- our destiny and the destiny of our planet!

I feel blessed to share with u, LUV readers, the evolutionary principles i am personally working with, on online communities and with my creative partners, and to begin our evolutionary partnerships here on http://www.uluvlisa.com .

This partnership is based on the mutual empowerment and realization of our highest potentials, our gifts and talents, and our greatest contribution to the world! The objective of the partnership is go beyond sending your best wishes, or ” hope it all works out for u” into a deep rooted standing for eachothers realization in every cell of our bodies- to activate the power within that creates what happens in the world! this activating the power of the collective field for the good of our planet and the fulfillment of each other’s destiny!


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