Birth the New U !

The Birth Chanel is dark and we are meant to go through it and end up on the other side – not get stuck while we’re about to enter the higher dimension we have prepared ourself for . Getting there means we must also let go of old parts of ourself that no longer match up to our new vision. The problem is that letting go of unuseful patterns can cause a crisis in identity . Maybe your used to, familiar with being a certain way that needs shifting. Inorder to shift, you must be willing to stretch out, consider something new about you. This new identity which is closer to the truth about who u are involves a shedding of your old one. The illusion is that this feels unsafe when its time to go into new territory- when its time to expand. Even though it is for a huge betterment, a huge shift in the quality of your life, a huge expansion, you feel afraid of letting go of the smaller version of u.
How to step out despite this?
Your souls desire is to know itself as source energy: infinite, abundant, creative, luving, whole and good. Are u willing to say yes?


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