Be beautifully Harmonized with U!

Ciao bellisima animas! Here is my one of my first guest blogs that I am honored to have written for friend and visionary colleague from Vancouver Ricky Shetty’s website devoted to the sacred journey of fatherhood. Thankyou and please share it with your friends and family! It is truly inspiring to comprehend the immense beauty and joy given to us through our gifts, through our luv for eachother! Enjoy!

The picture down below is a 11 year old version of the lisa luv singer-songwriter in the making…. Shortly after I forgot about my creative gifts and became consumed by teenager drama stories ;( If only I could tell this younger me what exciting musical gift is in store for her and to never give up but to give ALL her heart to what makes it beat with passion and luv! Well I get to tell her now!
This blog is devoted to my self-acceptance and honoring of the path that has taken me to my present joy: MAKING MUSIC!

Lots of luv and divine support always on your path to creative liberty!


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2 thoughts on “Be beautifully Harmonized with U!

  1. This is so inspiring for young people. How great that you are sharing this for them… to help them hold onto their dreams, especially if other people in their lives do not.

    • Hey cara! I’m so happy to inspire young people to fulfill their creative callings 🙂 it’s other key to true happiness 🙂 god bless!

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