The uLuV Triangle

There is a luv triangle foundation every LUV tribe member is being called to build: where truth, empowerment, purpose, joy, abundance and luv can flourish:

1.The first is our relationship with ourself: we daily move into our bodies and feel our own emotions and upsets, needs and desires with a luving witness. Our mature, luving, adult self witnesses the younger self in the body with total luv. Here we turn towards rather than away from uncomfortable feelings. They can be held, felt and released back into the moving presence and flow of life.

2.The second is our relationship with Source (god): we don’t make ANYTHING or ANYONE our source of happiness, fulfillment, wealth and instead know that all we need and desire comes from within ourself- ourself in deep connection to our god self inside our bodies, inside our hearts at the listening altar of all our prayers.

3.The third part of the LUV triangle is our relationship to others: where because we are in connection with our own feelings, needs and in deep connection with Source/god, we are also in a TRUE relationship with others that isn’t about judgement, comparisons, fear, neediness or manipulation rather is transparent, engaging and empowering- deeply connected to what we all share: the same creative source, the same luv river flowing through each of us. Where without sacrificing our own needs, without betraying our self, we are able to see ourself in the other person and are able to inspire others to do the same and answer to our needs. As we resonate with what is true in the other, we are able to give openly and receive openly the abundance of support, luv and care the we all seek and deserve in order to live a truly flourishing life that we ALL deserve to experience!

Try this luv triangle out for yourself and see what changes for you! Let me know! Write about it in the comment section below what you feel, experience, shift in using this powerful relationship pyramid! Walking like a luv Egyptian!!!!!


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