Moonday LUV Message

U are GOLD!
Women wake up to your natural magnetic capacity to generate life wherever, whenever. That’s how dreams are made. This is how dreams are created. This is how life flourishes and you are self-expressed. You connect with your compass called desire. You connect with the deep down intuition that your desire ( those deep ones that come from the best place in you), you know…to make deep, rich, powerful relationships with other people where you are FULLy seen and celebrated- where your creative gifts are given and blessed by countless others- where you help your community to share, build and connect to the good in life- the good all around- and to overcome hardships created from mentalities that overlook human value for the hard dollar – these BIG DESIRES to bring out your BEST are made REAL cause you wake them UP! What kind of society are we contributing to? And what kind of power are you supporting? Woman wake up to the realization that what you care for…GROWS!

Take Action: I ain’t lettin u off the hook here… Nope! I wanna see what your up to shaking with your goodness!
– Take a pen and colored pencils and your favorite journal.

-Totally free of judgement, begin doodling while feeling your body and your breath. Get comfy, and let yourself day dream. Write down whatever images are coming to mind. Draw whatever wants to be seen… By only you.

– Let yourself desire whatever your inner guidance wants to reveal to you.

– Marvel in a new surprise about your inner longing to express.

– Do one thing the following day that gives life to this desire!

If you like this message, SHARE it! Also make sure you comment below on what you gained or experienced. I wanna know! We all wanna know! We all gain from a women’s act of courageous LUV!

Much LuV to ma ladies!


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