I Like To Eat Apples and Bananas!

My body is changing vibration! Last christmas I had a event that could not turn me back. I have awoken to the high-energy of no more meat! Yup thats right! Meat ( excluding fish) is unnecessary for my body- actually I find it toxic.

Why share this on the LUV blog? I believe nature is asking us to move away from meats and move into a lighter, easier cuisine full of vegetables, grains, fish, fruits and healthy desserts ( my favorite: what i consider a canadian staple- banana bread – u know, cause banana trees grow all over the place) 🙂

What do you feel about the food you eat? Is there food you find that makes your body feel in better harmony? Share in the comment section below because giving voice to your personal experiences is the best way to find out what you really need to feel your best!

Enjoy! This is the season of abundance!



2 thoughts on “I Like To Eat Apples and Bananas!

  1. La prossima volta che verrete a mangiare da noi sarà un’esplosione di erbette aromatiche!
    Un abbraccio a presto,
    Gianni e Simona.

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