New Website Brew! Stay Tuned…

Just making fun time with my gal Kathleen Giuliani, Wonder Woman web-designer while giving super improvements and focus on a major up scaling in my business, artistic vision and LIFE!

Thank god for my dream support team and the friends who hold the space for transformation!

A sneak peak into the making of my new website…


This is Kathleen with her new cat Tina in her new gorgeous Tuscan home overlooking rolling hills…. Just LUV hanging out and crystallizing dreams!


We’re picking the colors! O Ma Goddess! Colors make all the difference! They change the feeling and the sensation I’ m communicating! I’ m going for some super luxurious and fun colors!


That’s Kaerdwyn up above, my world-travelled friend freshly arriving from India to stay with me! She is saying, “shanti, shanti” sanskrit for peace…

Shanti and just friggin do it is my mantra for the day!

Sometimes pulling through boring to-dos that aren’t exactly part of the artistic craft got to be treated the same way as the exciting parts of our artistic creation.

So I am having a party with my dream team, having fun and actually getting a lot done!


New website baby!!!!

What baby are you birthing and how can you make it more light, fun and supported?

Who can you enroll to support you? Who is on your dream team?

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