Embrace New Beginings

Dearest LUV Destinaries…

As I am expanding and leaning into my higher self, my poetic self, the warrior knows it has dug deep enough to hit gold and has found a goddess sleeping. In short, I am weary to wake her up. Yet the stars are dangling inside her crib and I am the one responsible to let her reach up for them… or not. It is in my yes that her light is attainable. We were born to shine, we’re born to dance, our soul yearns to give the grace of of its gift, so I allow myself a new beginning, the one I have dreamt about for a long time.

With a new website, an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, a first draft of my first book, I’ve been feeling rather anointed and also a kinda Noooo it can’t be time! Let me run the other way!

The truth is…

It’s time.
It’s time and it’s also time to say a graceful and glorious YES,
It’s time for your inner Goddess to awaken us all with your gentle kindness, your powerful generosity and luscious love.
It’s time for your radiant beauty to return us to our Benevolent Soulful Queen and I want to know her,

For this special calling, I have begun Goddess Guide Circles:
An online and offline sacred, wild and bazerky space where young and older women come together to share each other’s abundant natural Queen that is arising.
A space to bring balance and harmony to our nature, to have fun, laugh, create and heal our very souls.

We share our desires, our dreams and our very selves to be experienced and developed into our highest vision
as we fulfill our destiny:

I LOVE to be inspired. So to end my love letter to you Destinaries joining me on this calling is NewYork City beseeching us to go to the top of the world and embrace goddess possibility : http://youtu.be/3zMCxmdkcRY

You can find me on my upcoming new website: http://www.lisapetruccimusic.com

Now recently on:
Tumblr: http://www.lisapetruccimusic.tumblr.com
Twitter: @lisapmusic
Pinterest: lisapetruccimusic

Come on over and share the divine ignite,


Lots of love,



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