Kickstarter Inspiration

20131029-211411.jpgI love divine sisterhood; realizing the synergetic way women who stand for one another can create and unleash our highest potential into the world. My dear friend Kaeridwyn Eftelya came to stay with me back in 2010, baked bread every morning and cinnamon buns, helped me go forward to do my Feldenkreis Teacher Training, has a huge announcement.


20131029-211548.jpgShe came to see me again in late August 2013 where I was in the thick of planning my Kickstarter launch. I showed her my video, message and invited her to help me with some final editing of my writing. She is a magnificent artist and editor and taps in quickly with my message truly allowing me to hear my own words. Although my Kickstarter project is ready to launch, I am diligently constructing my hot new website in order to launch my campaign and the website together!
During this creative-packed time, I am excited to announce that our best friend Chara Berk got married in Ireland to the love of her life which we all celebrated together

20131029-220446.jpg and Kaeridwyn has soulfully created her own Kickstarter and has already launched it! It is a soulful project that fills me with love to know that what we do and share inspires one another to create and keep the ball of change rolling. Help roll, roll, roll these red shoes to write, sing, dance and puppet her way home.


Here’s the link:

I have invited a guest blog post by Kaeridwyn Eftelya to share how her Kickstarter project all began. You will hear more from her on the next blog! Stay tuned in and turned on!

Lots of laughter + love,


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