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Dear Goddesses, Gods and Goblins,

As I promised, here is the guest post from artist Kaerdwyn Eftelya on her inspiring project! Back this chick up ! She’s gonna show us a path into our research on what is HOME!

Please help her out in whatever way you can even if it’s simply sharing her link!

Lots of love + brightness,


In August I left India, where I had lived, worked and travelled for the last five months.

This is not unusual. I am an incredibly nomadic Canadian performer, always one foot out the door while the other one is in the kitchen cooking up some homey delicious dish. And in between these two extremes I live my tenuous, exciting existence.

I’ve visited Lisa Petrucci a couple of times on my wanderings, and we’ve talked about all sorts of wonderful things on Skype in the in between times. Her own adventures and discoveries often intersect with my own, leading to some very fruitful discussions! Therefore, when I left India it seemed to make sense to go see her in Italy. No, this is not reverse Eat Pray Love (although I did visit another “I” country afterwards when I went to a dear friend’s wedding in Ireland)!

In Italy I found Lisa full of life and verve, right in her niche of discovery and joyous in that, and a great desire to share. I, on the other hand, was confused and in a sort of reverse culture shock having left India, something I had not expected at all. I cradled my confusion and the sadness that came with it. How was I supposed to go for what I wanted if I didn’t know what that was? Yet after a few days I began to relax a little, began to see around me a bit more. Slowly I arrived in Italy and when I did Lisa was right there waiting for me.

I let myself be drawn into her work, a beautiful exploration and expression of her continuing experience of divinity. We discussed her story, her dreams and ate delicious food. And slowly, as though my eyes were adjusting to the dark, I began to see this reflect in my own life. Her enthusiasm pushed through and I started to begin to look for my own initiatives. I found a way to return to India in the capacity of an artist through the Kala Khoj International Artists’ Residency and applied with her encouragement and blessing.

I also realized that in my nomadic ways, I was researching, on a quest to discover all different ways of living. Lisa made it abundantly clear that I can feel free to pursue this quest, embrace my curiosity around the nature of home and community. And that it can be a fertile ground for artistic inquiry, perhaps at Kala Khoj… But the real blossoming came on my last day staying with her:

We were taking a walk and I felt like despite all this progress, I still couldn’t figure out what I wanted, something I felt like she’d been trying to let me discover when, like a bolt of lightning, I just said, “I want to do a show that combines puppets, gypsy music, storytelling and swing dancing!” Despite my love and experience in all of these things, I had somehow never thought it would be possible to join them all together, but that day walking and talking with Lisa, it seemed like, “why not?!” It could even be combined with my exploration of the nature of home in the world of metaphor and fairy tale! And so with her drawing this out of me, The Red Shoes, the project I am now going to be pursuing in India, came to life!

Not only that, but working with Lisa on her Kickstarter made me realize that I could do my own. As my project has no funding (Kala Khoj is an unfunded residency), this is the only way I can let the seed that germinated with Lisa blossom and bear fruit! More than that, Kickstarter allows me to involve each and every backer in this journey. It is becoming a community.

I owe great thanks to Lisa for without her this project may never have come to be! I still take great inspiration from her blog posts and I’m honoured to post as a guest here. Yes, Lisa, I luv u!

The Red Shoes: Can they take me home? is an interdisciplinary performance exploring the question, “What is home?” and I want to share this experience with each and every one of you! Together, let’s get this show on the road!


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