Give it ALL

Dear dew drops,

This blog is devoted to duties, which we all have and all can support each other to do them better.
How to do better?
Do your best! Always give the most you can and like a boomerang life flings back the same energy you put out.

Not always in the way expect however.
We create our reality but we don’t control it.
Goddess has an inner plan that is beyond our judgements and even our expectations.

STAY OPEN to how the universe wants to deliver the good that it’s offering to you.
The magical truth is you have to give with an open heart knowing that it has been received and used.
Whatever it is you offer, good advice, a helping hand, a gift, a job, love…

Know that it has been received and that you have both gained by giving it.

For who could not gain, when god gives to god 🙂

A new angel has appeared in my life and sends me inspiration.
I received this singer on my Facebook wall and knew it was a sign about my upcoming musical path.
I relate to this singer who launched her first album at my age and then won multiple songwriting awards.
She is beautiful, talented and real and I am sure I will meet her one day!

Keep giving that special gift that you have and know that somewhere, someone’s life has been touched by your caring:
Here is the video:
Thanks Virginia 🙂

If you have an artist, teacher, healer, scientist, or simply a loved one that inspires you in to give more of yourself,
please drop me a line and they could get featured here on the luv blog and my new website: .

Love + divine babelicious boomerangs,



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