The Future is in your Hands

Dearest dreamer,

I have a funny story to tell.
A few years ago, I was at the main train station in Florence, Santa Maria Novella.
I got down from the train and in the midst of the bustling crowd were two passionate young guys speaking about
Jazz. They had guitars on their backs and were clearly the right guys to nudge and ask if they knew any musicians
I could contact about forming a band.

I remember clearly also thinking it’d be strange to approach two strangers but a gust of energy came through me
And literally brought me to override that thought and speak up.
We chatted, exchanged numbers and that was that. Never heard back from them.

A few days ago, out of nowhere, as I am actually constructing a band for a 2014 European tour,
A passionate, very talented and generous drummer writes me on Facebook asking if I’m looking
for a drummer and if I’m auditioning anyone for the part. He sends me his videos where he demonstrates his rhythmic
electric power and precision. He’s amazing!

” Yes, I am, and you’ve got the part!
How did you find me?”

He goes on to explain that those two guys I’d approached a few years back had come to visit him while he was sick
With a flu. He explained to them that he desired to be part of a band that’s more expressive, original and ambitious
Than the one he had prior been part of.

They remembered me, found my tracks on Reverbnation, found my music to be exceptional
and contacted me immediately.

Life is always connected . The lesson is to stay open in life because you don’t know why things are connected but they are.
Follow those nudges. Follow your inner guidance. Especially follow your dream.

I leave you with my latest commercial . Interesting message…
The future is in your hands. Stay opened to the good that’s all around you.
Know you are a part of the infinitely interconnected system of the universe.
When you line up your actions with your intentions, magic happens!

Love + interconnected magic,


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