Sylvia Hotel Oldies

I started a bit late in good Lisa fashion, which was out of my control; last minute tech issues. The mic had to be changed so my sweet amore ran to his place, had his clothing iron drop on his head searching for a microphone, then realized it was at my place, ran there, while I sat and looked at seniors, staring back at me waiting for me to start so I did! Just ripped it out no amp… till he arrived! I played the first 20 mins with no amplification to a room of elderly people that I must say had a great ear for girlpower~    ( a group of female friends in their mid 80’s were digging my tunes,  sending me luv + tips 🙂 but also an early curfew. Bedtime 10 pm so I finished to an empty room. Buonanotte!



My super supportive family was there too so overall a really fun night of martinis and “La Regina” tunes and Italian covers. Dec.27th, I will be playing there again! Good venue sul oceano!

Bring your grandparents! They’ll love it!

Now time to book my C.D. release party!





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