Ciao and Welcome! I’m Lisa Petrucci.

I’m here to inspire your greatest gifts to spring forth like the bursting buds of June’s roses! Rise up and show your true authentic nature- share your gifted and brilliant voice with the world!

Ready to unleash infinite possibilities in your relationship, work, prosperity and more?

My goal is to endow you with the skills of creating abundance, health and community through connecting to desire, luv, imagination and faith.

I inspire you into trusting and believing in the powerful guidance of the divine force running through U – u are part of the bigger, infinite whole and I’m here to show you how to use this power to enrichen your life and touch and bless infinite others.

Who is Lisa Petrucci?
Mmm happy u asked.

I am a self-made singer/songwriter, rock star ballerina , poet, model and goddess guide of the divine in post-modern culture with a destiny to make the biggest impact on the world with my sublime creativity, original voice and exquisite expression. I am where cash meets consciousness 🙂

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, residing in Tuscany, Italy and I consider myself a citizen of the bountiful universe – inspiring the world with my courageous, profound exploration of self-luv: in my return to the cycles of nature is the imperative messages nature imparts upon us; to become AWARE, that consciousness is creator of ALL things. To be conscious, we must face internal pain, allow our personal deaths to outgrow our ego and be re-born. In each personal salvation, is the world reborn. the world’s solutions resides in each and everyone of us. the journey is inwards and mother nature is calling…

With a first-class honors degree from S.F.U in literature focusing on my muse John Cage and the avant-garde. My thesis ” the metaphysics of praxis” the meta- that which is beyond, praxis- that which we DO – My DOING training includes a theatre diploma from Tooba, the Canada’s National Voice Intensive for actors, The Feldenkrais Method Teacher’s Training and Estill Voice Method .

I am NOW living my childhood life-long dream! I have the best team in the world working with me to bring my self-composed music album on a world tour with dancers, an orchestra, a choir with sould-out inspiring support team of super fans!


Ma LUV Philosophy!

Luv is the most powerful force in the world. What u luv, u become. What u luv, u teach. What u teach, u learn. For what we give to others, we truly give to our self. Who are we kidding if we think or expect the world to change if we are not doing some serious invoicing on what’s going on INSIDE of our own world, our own internal universe. Inside of us is all we need to have, experience and evolve for the betterment of the whole.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help! We can’t show up as our best self without the backing of people who can really lift u up and give you the space to experiment, play, give and shine your gifts and your struggles!

A life lived in luv is where you truly devote and honor your time here on the planet towards what you truly care about and move quickly past what worries you or what scares u. Get out of your own way!

Luv a little more and soon your Flying down your diamond lane! Show up in life as your true, creative expression of the divine LUV that u are!!!! I LUV to meet the true U!!!! (even if its kinda quirky, your probably a load of fun and the world could use a whole more laughter and celebration! ) … So don’t get too serious- COME out and PLAY with the LUV Community where your expected to SHINE! Lots of luv to U, wherever you are on your unique path!

With luv and wisdom advice and sharing the best of what she’s living and learning, Lisa is inspiring tens of thousands of women to uplift their souls, upgrade their ambitions and reveal their infinite value.

“open your heart, your mind and the cap of your pen and you will find an immense rich world birthed for your delivery. “


-Divine inspiration to billions.

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