Italian Day on the Drive

I feel excited to invite you all to Italian Day on the Drive, June 11th 7-8p.m. where I will be headlining this festival at the main stage on 2nd Ave, performing La Regina, my debut album and contemporary Italian pop/rock covers! Tanto amore!

GirlPoWOWer Concert, Fundraiser, Video Launch

My music is important to me because it’s birthed from a higher impulse that I’m continually living up to: Empowering the spirit, the creative impulse that is sublime, beautiful and at times seeking deeply be returned to wholeness, to the oneness of this majestic experience of life… I give to the feminine this wish that […]

Ice Capped World Music Video

It’s birthed! The baby awakens and brings together the world to celebrate the honouring of Mother Earth and one another in Ice Capped World! Like it and Share it, of course and subscribe  for more soul-stomping wild #girlpower Keep lighting up the world, xoxo, Lisa  

The View with special guest Katie Holmes

The View with Rosie Perez, the Republican and Whoopie. Interview with that sweetheart Katie Holmes. We Love Her! Check it out here and subscribe. We also LOVE Girl Power. Deconstructing taboos and making laughter, love and success. Get it on with me!  

Ice Capped World Music Video Launch Party + Concert Invite

Lisa Petrucci Music presents “Ice Capped World ” Music Video Launch Party and Concert at: The Media Club, Vancouver. Jan. 15th 2015, Doors at 8. 10$ donation to charity. And The Online Sharing and Viewing of the music video “Ice Capped World” hosted by Lisa and Dance Italia via Facebook is Jan. 16th Vancouver […]

Manifestation Ninja Turtle

Hey Love,   I am manifesting and expanding my creative powers!  Truthfully, I am only focusing on what is already here, in my imagination, the 5th dimension, feeling it inside my body, and my awareness of it allows me to see it and experience it in this 3rd dimension. Truer, because the one, the only, […]

Focus on what you want to become, not what you want to overcome!

Give yourself over to your soul’s yearnings. I love to sing and write songs. Its scares the living lights out of me but especially it TURNS me ON! I become a lighthouse when I perform. My soul comes through. I lift the veil of illusions and peer into the face of God…. if only for […]